MV Sydney Princess December 05
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Paul Arthur Titze
Master Class 4, Engineer Class 3, GMDSS, CoST (STCW)
BSc.(Physics), Cert. IV in Training and Assessment, WorkCover: DG, C1, LF

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Proxima Centauri, part of the Alpha Centauri (arrow pointing to it) triple star system, is the closest known star to our Sun
(Distance to Proxima Centauri = 4.22 ly = 21 556 927 570 000 nautical miles)
Interstellar dust clouds and reflection nebulae near Antares and Rho Ophiuchi
(Distance to Antares = 600 ly = 3 064 966 006 000 000 nautical miles)
Our Milky Way Galaxy, looking towards the galactic centre thought to have a supermassive black hole
(Current estimates put our Galaxy to have 400 billion stars, main disk diameter 100 000 ly)

The Andromeda Galaxy with its satellite dwarf galaxies, part of our Local Group of galaxies
(Current estimates have it at 2.52 million ly away with 1 trillion stars, diameter 140 000 ly)
Hoag's Object, a non-typical galaxy of the type known as a ring galaxy
(Current estimates have it at 600 million ly away in the Serpens constellation)
The deepest image of the Universe ever taken in visible light by the Hubble Space Telescope
(These are some of the oldest galaxies ever seen existing when the Universe was only 800 million years old.
Current estimates on the age of our Universe based on the Big Bang model = 13.7 billion years ± 200 million years)

On a Hawaiian theme cruise December 06

List of molecules in interstellar space

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Gravitational lensing

Transit of Venus

Victoria Crater

Sombrero Galaxy

Roger Penrose lecture "What happened before the Big Bang?", Darling Harbour 13th July 2007.

Galaxy Zoo

Abell 2151 Hercules Cluster

Quantum entanglement

Visualizations of Quantum Chromodynamics


Triple expansion steam engine



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MV Bella Vista January 08
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M81 Group | Maxwell's equations

NGC 1309

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